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Doula  Scholarship  Program

Doula Training
Southeast Missouri

Applications are now closed! Thank you so much to everyone who applied!!

Have you ever thought about becoming a doula? NOW would be a GREAT time to consider it!

It Takes a Village has partnered with Healthy Blue to increase access to doulas throughout southeast Missouri! As part of their pilot program, Healthy Blue has provided funding to train up to 10 NEW doulas for the region!

Students will go through the doula course with New Beginnings Doula Training. The program is online, work at your own pace, tuition is $25/month, and the scholarships will cover 9 months of training! This will take focus and motivation, and we will help you! You will be assigned a trainer, have access to optional local peer support as well as in-person meetings with a mentor every few weeks, and we will provide support for balancing work/study/life.

In order to complete certification, all students must support two births. Natural birth, C-section, remote support (via video or phone), and more - there are several options to cover the certification births.

Applicants must submit an application, references, and be planning to remain in the area after completion of the program. Trainees must make consistent progress through the program to maintain their scholarship. Scholarship is available only to Missouri residents.

Interviews will be scheduled after we receive your application.

Contact us for more information, or apply today!

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