It Takes a Village

Did you know?

  • When a breastfeeding infant is sick, the mother's body will start producing anitbodies to help baby fight off the germs?
  • Paced feeding - giving a little milk (or forumla) and then pausing for a few seconds - can help bottle-fed babies regulate their feeding so they don't eat too much?

Whether you are planning to breastfeed, exclusively pump, or formula feed, it is SO important to have all the information available to you when deciding how you will feed your infant. We can help you find information, troubleshoot issues, and reach your desired feeding goals.

Once baby gets older, you’ll start thinking about introducing foods. And guess what - we have resources for THAT, too!

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It takes a Village

It Takes a Village

Certified Lactation Counselors & Peer Support
573-222-5292 (text messages preferred)

Jane Unterreiner

Jane Unterreiner

Lactation Consultant • BSN, RN, LCCE, IBCLC

Carmen Cox

Carmen Cox

Lactation Consultant • BSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC Southeast Pediatrics • 573-331-6750
Clients at Southeast Pediatrics can schedule an in-person visit

Baby-Led Weaning

Ellen Gipson

Square One Wellness

Ellen Gipson, MA, RDN, LD
Infant & Family Nutrition Coaching

Pediatric Dentist

Jayne Scherrman

Jayne F. Scherrman

Pediatric Dentist • D.D.S., P.C.
Diagnose and correct tongue and lip ties